Original title: Tuk Tuk Meter 2
Producer: MindHelix Technologies LLP
Platform: GPS Based
language: English
Country: India
Contact: christin@mindhelix.com , kalidas@mindhelix.com
Website: www.mindhelix.com


MindHelix Technologies LLP launched a new product called TukTuk Meter that can help the commuter to get a fair fare from the autorickshaws. It is a dynamic GPS based auto-fare calculator made for India. This application helps in bringing fairness to Indian auto rickshaw industry. This application enables the user to be in more control of his travel, check where exactly he is being driven to, checking the fare and the distance he/she is travelling.
Tuk Tuk Meter does not require internet connection or even the presence of the service provider. It works using the Global Positioning System (GPS). The application can be started on entering the autorikshaw and the meter in the phone will run alongside the meter in the rickshaw and it can double check the distance travelled as shown in the auto’s meter and the GPS distance calculated by the application. This application can be used in any location in the country and being network independent, it can work accurately even in the remote areas. This application does not require the user to enter the distance into it. The application just needs to be started, assuming that the rates in the city are entered in the settings, and the application will do the rest.This works on devices that has GPS and runs on Android, BlackBerry and Symbian Operating systems.

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