Original title: The Sealink
Producer: Spiel Studios Pvt. Ltd.
Platform: Game Based
language: English
Country: India


The Sealink is a 3D racing game designed by Spiel Studios Pvt. Ltd where the player can drive his/her favorite car on the Bandra-Worli Mumbai Sea-link. The game has been conceptualized, developed and published by Spiel Studios with collaborative efforts of their Indian and International team members using the latest and advanced technologies available on the iPhone platform. The game is made specifically for the Indian audience, with a local theme. It is first of it’s kind 3D Racing game, installed on the iPhone where-in the player can drive his/her favorite car on India’s Bandra- Worli Mumbai Sealink .With great features like : offering 7 unique and varying cars to choose from; realistic graphics and great production value, User friendly and adjustable controls, post your best lap times and top speeds .The game uses advanced motion-controlled sensing technology Accelerometer, with multi-touch support to give the player complete control of the game. To touch the sentiments of Indian people, players can choose to drive officially licensed Maruti Suzuki cars, along with a F1 car and also the very popular auto-rickshaw. It also promotes the cause of ‘Don’t Drink & Drive’ through various messages in the game.

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