Original title: mPustak
Producer: Hazel Media Private Limited
Platform: Application Based
language: Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Bangla & English (several more Indian language to come)
Country: India
Contact: ,
Website: ,


Hazel Media, a technology startup based in Delhi, has developed a mobile technology framework that bridges the language barrier for masses by bringing vernacular languages applications to lowcost mobile device and this application is called m-pustak. mPustak’s growing collection of applications in Hindi, Marathi, and other Indian languages display the native languages even on low-cost phones that do not supports fonts or Unicode. The company is working towards creating a vernacular language applications ecosystem with no entry barrier
To get any of the mPustak applications installed on a phone, user can open the phone browser and browse to The user will find a list of links for different applications on different platforms (Java / Android / BlackBerry). User can click on either of the links and the application download will begin. The Android application can also be downloaded by searching for ‘mPustak’ on the Android Marketplace.

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