Original title: Kisan Sanchar
Producer: Kisan Sanchar C/o Innovations Promotion Company
Platform: SMS & Voice Call Based
language: English, Hindi, Punjabi & Gujarati
Country: India
Contact: ,


Kisansanchar is an interactive platform for scientists/experts for sharing their technology with farmers, which is designed and developed by Kisan Sanchar C/o Innovations Promotion Company. The knowledge is shared in their local language in text as well as voice format.It is an enterprise-class communication platform to broadcast text and voice messages on the mobile phones of individual farmers. Kisan Sanchar enables its users (which are mainly agricultural experts and institutions) to send personalized and interactive outbound text & voice messages at the touch of a button. is a product of Innovations Promotion Company.Each user (KVK/NGO) is provided a unique login ID and password using which it can upload the content to be broadcasted in text & voice format. After submission by KVK content is visible to the administrator and it is broadcasted at scheduled date and time after verification. User can access the content management system and take the benefits of latest updates, trends, technologies and use it in developing text messages for the farmers. Various facilities like viewing subscribers list, viewing monthly bill, generate customized reports are accessible to the users.

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