Original title: eMudhra SecMsg
Producer: 3i Infotech Consumer Services Ltd.
Platform: Mobile Based
language: English
Country: India
Contact: ,


eMudhra Secmsg was developed by 3i Infotech Consumer Services Ltd. One doesn’t have to look too far, these days, to see the impact that SMS (Text) messaging has had on communication. To ensure the secure transmittal of confidential and private information, eMudhra came up with an astonishing mobile software application named as “SecMsg”. SecMsg is a secure SMS based solution which addresses all the security issues related to the traditional SMS. SecMsg provides two levels of security * SMS Messages sent through SecMsg are encrypted and messages can be decrypted by only the intended user * SMS messages can be digitally signed to ensure data integrity and non-repudiation. eMudhra SecMsg ensures the secure transmission of SMS. Confidential information can now be put on air by the organizations in the most convenient way and customer is assured that no data is exposed over any network.

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