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Original title: CommCare
Producer: Network for Enterprise Enhancement and Development Support [NEEDS] & Dimagi Inc, USA
Platform: SMS & Apps Based
language: English, Hindi(however any language can be supported)
Country: INDIA & USA
Contact: ,
Website: ,



CommCare is a job aid tool developed by NEEDS, India & Dimagi Inc, USA .This application contains illustrations and audio messages covering essential topics in antenatal care which an (ASHA/ Sahiya) can use to educated pregnant women in her village, regardless of their level of literacy. A client mgmt interface provides the ASHA/Sahiya with a list of her clients and the ability to review previously discussed topics, ensuring that nothing is missed. Real-time data submission to a central server allows close monitoring and supervision of the ASHA’s / Sahiya’s work. CommCare runs on mid-range, multimedia enabled Nokia handsets and the central server, CommCareHQ, is an online web application. Supervisors can access submitted data, send SMS, and application updates to users’ phones, add new information to existing applications, and create new applications. An ASHA/ Sahiya makes routine house visits to families in her community, visiting anywhere between 3 to 10 households in a day. During such a visit, the ASHA/ Sahiya would open CommCare on her mobile phone and select an appropriate module under the application, depending on the circumstances of the visit (antenatal, delivery, neonatal, postnatal, child care). If this is the first visit, the ASHA/Sahiya would open the registration form and record information about her client, creating a record that the ASHA/ Sahiya would access during subsequent visits.

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