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Original title: Busday gets busier with mobile
Producer: TELiBrahma Convergent Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Segment: Mobile marketing and mobile entertainment providers
Platform: Linux Based
language: English
Country: INDIA
Contact: ,


Busday is a daylong event promoting public transport in major transport hubs and 124 hangout locations across Bangalore on 4th of every month through utilities, promotions, and reinforcement of value. Busdays are organised by Telebrahma Convergent Communications Pvt. Ltd. partnered with BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation). The idea behind Busday is to deliver the message of social and environmental benefits brought in by using public transport. Consumers visiting bus stands and corporate hangout locations were asked to turn on mobile Bluetooth. On turning on mobile Bluetooth they would receive an application that included information on routes, timings and landmark places. Bluetooth infrastructure was also placed inside the buses. Application provided helpline numbers as part of mobile application and a facility to call the transport authority for further assistance.

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