AVAN (Aggregated Voice and Video Application Network)


Original title: AVAN (Aggregated Voice and Video Application Network)
Producer: Comviva Technologies Limited
Platform: Mobile Network Based
language: 41 Languages
Country: India
Contact: ,


AVAN (Aggregated Voice and Video Application Network) is a platform to create, manage, deliver and market a compelling catalogue of voice and video applications. AVAN was developed by Comviva Technologies Limited. AVAN enables operators to rapidly retail a wide catalogue of services tailored to specific consumer sub-segments who demand personalized, content-rich and context-aware value-added services over their mobiles. AVAN platform benefits all the stakeholders of mobile service delivery ecosystem namely: mobile operator, mobile subscribers and application/content provider. AVAN brings multiple advantages to each stakeholder in various usage scenarios as Mobile users:
• Illiterate mobile users – Mobile users who cannot read and write SMS/USSD, can use IVR and voice portals to access various digital services such as news, Information on commodity markets,
• Non-smart phone users – People who do not have access to internet on mobile, can access various value added services through voice portal by just dialing a simple short code (example 121)

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