Original title: Voice-ERP
Producer: Umesh Sachdev
Organisation: Uniphore Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Chennai, INDIA
Platform: IVR Based
language: Multilingual


Voice-ERP is an interactive Voice based application targeted for manufacturing, retail and contract farming organizations. Contract farming organizations face a challenge of maintaining communication with their farmers. Currently this is done by division offices or human agents. Distributed manufacturing organizations in rural areas face a challenge of coordinating production amongst various centers. Rural retail and distribution chains face a challenge of keeping track of sales, orders, inventory and accounting. Voice-ERP is a product aimed address all these challenges by using mobile phones as the medium and local language voice based communication. The field force (farmers, sales agents, manufacturers) can now call-in to the ERP system and report their data by speaking into the system. The speech is converted to text using sophisticated speech recognition and the ERP system processes it.While all this is done in an automated fashion the result is increased efficiency for the parent organization.

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