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Original title: Suruk
Producer: BalaSundarRaman L
Organisation: Ideophone Technologies
Location: Bangalore, INDIA
Platform: Appication Based
language: English


Suruk is an application for GPS-enabled mobile phones that allow auto rickshaw passengers to keep track of distance covered, rate charged and detect if an auto driver is overcharging or taking a wrong route. It arms the commuter with tool that not only meters the ride but also tracks the routes on maps to ensure he or she is not being driven elsewhere – making the rides safer and cheaper. Further, it allows the user to rate auto rickshaw and taxi drivers and choose them based on previous ratings by fellow commuters. Suruk client application provides features like GPS Metering, Trip Details, Driver Feedback, Share Pooling, Driver Conduct Information, Emergency Contact, Rate Slab Information, and Offline Content Storage. Suruk web portal provides features like Trip Log, Distance Travelled and Emergency Contact

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