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Original title: MobileWish Pocket Travel Assistant
Producer: Samir Kumar Dash
Organisation: Samir Kumar Dash
Location: Bangalore, INDIA
Platform: Flash Based
language: English


MobileWish Pocket Travel Assistant is a freely available application for Flash Lite 3x enabled mobiles that compiles a whole range of information that can prove to be indispensable for the traveller. The application combines data from Google Maps, yahoo, Flickr, Wikipedia, BBC, Reuters, Twitter, youTube and others to provide users with all the information needed for their journey.The application uses the location of the phone to provide users with local emergency numbers, such as police helpline or the nearest clinic or hospital, if needed. It attempts to lessen the language barrier by enabling the tourist to communicate in local language using Google language translator. Using PTA, travellers can also directly access images or video clips of a particular destination available on websites such as Wikipedia, Flickr and youTube.

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