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Original title: Many to One SMS
Producer: M Selvendran IAS
Organisation: Distt Collectorate, Katni, MP Phoenix Software Solution (Vendor)
Location: Madhya Pradesh, INDIA
Platform: SMS Based
language: English/Hindi
Contact: ,


The Many to One SMS application endeavours to collate a large volume of real time data pertaining to the NREGA and integrate it into a comprehensive and organized framework. By enabling the transfer of numerical and textual data from cell-phones to a computer-based database, the time spent on collection is minimized and the output is maximized.The procedure involves the participation of the Secretaries of Gram Panchayats, who are required to send an SMS in a prescribed format to a designated telephone number. The SMS is transferred into a computer-based database automatically. The information is displayed on a dynamic webpage in the form of a grid with individual cells representing Gram Panchayats. The number of labourers at work and the ongoing work in a particular Panchayat is also displayed. A colour coding system is used to differentiate between Panchayats.

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