Original title: M-Search
Producer: Products Team – OnMobile
Organisation: OnMobile Global Limited
Location: Bangalore, INDIA
Platform: Application Based
language: 10 languages


M-Search is a music content search and delivery solution which works across Voice, SMS and WAP channels. With diverse user preferences and burgeoning music collections, music discovery has become an increasingly complicated and tedious task. OnMobile’s M-search aims to simplify the process and make the required content available to users in less time. It is driven by both acoustic and phonetic recognition. Further, it has the capabilities to tap vernacular differences and provide users with personalized results. On receiving a request for the content, M-Search sorts through and searches enormous collections and then delivers the desired content to the user making ‘the Long Tail’ a reality on mobile.It allows users to discover and consume music of their choice through several channels. It offers personalized search, phonetic and acoustic recognition and has a scope of rich grammar and scripted interaction. Multidimensional indexing makes it very easy for the users to choose the right content in the format of their choice.

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