Original title: Gaon Ki Awaaz
Producer: Sunil Saxena
Organisation: International Media Institute of India
Location: Noida, UP, INDIA
Platform: Audio Based
language: Avadhi


Gaon Ki Awaaz is an application which gives articulation to the activities and interests of the people of the Rampur – Mathura village of Uttar Pradesh. It uses a mobile phone to record content as audio. The audio is transmitted as an MMS to a local editor for checking. The approved MMS is converted into a.WAV file and e-mailed to Netxcell, an IT company which uses a mobile internet platform to broadcast the MMS as a voice call to village subscribers. The voice calls are in Avadhi, the local dialect; the content is generated by two village reporters and pertains primarily to the happenings in and around the village.The rationale behind the creation of this application is to make information easily available to people living in villages and also to create a channel for them to communicate their woes to the government.The news bulletins are free for villagers. The cost is borne by the Knight Fund and local advertising. The ultimate goal is to create a self – sustainable interactive news service where every villager is a stakeholder.

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