Original title: English Seekho
Producer: Amit Bhadbhade ,Ninad Vengurlekar
Organisation: IL&FS Education
Location: Mumbai, India
Platform: IVR Based
language: Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada


English Seekho is an innovative mobile learning solution that is aimed at teaching situational, spoken English through a simple interactive voice call. It enables the user to learn basic English through lessons recorded in an easy-to-listen radio style. The instructional design of the lessons has been adapted for mobile use, which are delivered in short 8 minute sessions. Each lesson is supplemented with a practice session of 6 Multiple Choice Questions using IVR. In addition, the user can also speak sentences in English that are analyzed by an advanced speech recognition system for pronunciation mistakes. Finally, an SMS is sent to the user’s phone containing a summary of the lesson. The service is further supported by the website, where users can go and download free practice tests.The product is currently available in 7 Indian languages, across Tata Indicom and Aircel, and is soon expected to introduce other regional languages as well.

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