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Original title: Aarogyam
Producer: Mayur Maheshwari, IAS ,Ritu Maheshwari, IAS
Organisation: Uttar Pradesh Government
Location: Baghpat; Meerut, INDIA
Platform: Call Based
language: English/Hindi


Aarogyam, a project begun in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is India’s first end to end community based digital health mapping. Through Aarogyam citizens anywhere in India on any existing telecom network can access information with respect to their health profile.Aarogyam seeks to deal with issues of health at all levels. At the Proactive Level, Aarogyam provides dial option in IVRS System, generates automatic family specific calls/SMSs related to child immunization, ante and post-natal care, concerns of pregnant and lactating mothers, Pulse Polio campaign, etc. The Interactive Level deals with in-dial option on helpline numbers. The Reactive Level acts on information fed-in through complaint recording mechanism. At the Educative level, it provides educative support to various health campaigns like DOTS, Anti-Epidemic campaign, etc. Aarogyam is definitely a unique technological innovation aimed at improving the health of the common man.

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