Original title: 3G Play
Producer: Sanjini Munaweera ,Suren Pinto
Organisation: Wavenet International (Pvt) Ltd
Location: Colombo, SRI LANKA
Platform: Network Based
language: English, Sinhala & Tamil


3G Play is an entertainment service that enables the subscribers to engage in Multi-Player Games via video calls using their 3G enabled handsets. The subscribers can either challenge the others by making an inbound video call to the system or they can play single player games with the system while ensuring the privacy of the subscribers with user profiles rather than disclosing the numbers and other personal information of the subscribers.Some of its features include Buddy Management that allows users to keep track of all friends, see their online and availability status and communicate with them; Invitation and Skill-Based Matchmaking which involves inviting a Buddy to play or else finding an opponent with a similar skill level.The 3G PLAy gaming platform consists of a number of games to give the mobile users the variety of experience that they require.

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