Original title: Word Puzzle
Producer: DHT Dassanayake
Country: Sri Lanka


Word Puzzle is a SMS based English vocabulary game where user has to guess the puzzled word according to his knowledge of English vocabulary. Word Puzzle is developed by DHT Dassanayake Organization and is available for 30Rs (Sri Lankan). The main advantage of Word Puzzle is that there is no need of installation as it is SMS based. It is developed on Java 1.6 Mchoice Aventura platform and Host at etisalt server installed Apache Tomcat 6 for receiving and sending SMS. User can guess the puzzled words by the clue. There are 8 levels with each level having easy & hard modes. User gets 3 tries to guess (limited to 3 guess/ word) and at the end of the month a winner is chosen. Users can also check there ranks among other players/users. It works with any phone (SMS Enable) and is a monthly subscription based VAS service.

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