Original title: Voicetap Interactive Knowledge Engine
Producer: Expert Voicetap Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Country: India
Contact: ,


Voicetap Interactive Knowledge Engine helps you speak directly over the phone with a relevant person on the topic of your choice, and the time of your choice, from the place of your choice via a 3 step process –
1. User sends a SMS with the query to XXXXX
2. Voicetap sends back an SMS with options of relevant people with whom the user can connect with and a number to connect with them.
3. User calls on the given number and listens to the profiles and connects with the person on hir choice. Voicetap was developed by Expert Voicetap Technologies Pvt Ltd. Voicetap has developed a C2C voice based platform that allows a seeker to connect and fulfil his requirement(s).The service allows users to search via SMS for relevant people who can answer their queries and connect with them in real time over a phone call. The platform is of great interest for the corporate since it allows them to showcase their expertise, engage with potential customers and generate leads for themselves. Conversationalists need to register over the web by filling a simple form with fields like – Name, Mobile Number, Area of Interests, availability during the day.

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