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Original title: SIM Information & Verification System (short code 668)
Producer: Muhammad Amir Malik, Director (ICT), PTA , Ahmed Bakhat Masood, Assistant Director (ICT), PTA
Country: Pakistan
Contact: ,


The SIM Information & Verification System (short code 668) service was developed as a software-based system that would provide an Internet and SMS based interface to end-users in order to retrieve their registered mobile SIM(s) information, which is very rare in public sector. SIM Information & Verification System is developed by Mr. Muhammad Amir Malik, Director (ICT) & Mr. Ahmed Bakhat Masood, Assistant Director (ICT) of PTA. A mobile based mechanism information system that receives CNIC number as a primary input, performs rapid database search and answers back the total number of SIM(s) registered with each mobile operator. The system can handle large volume of search queries at a given time. PTA is using a dedicated link with all cellular mobile operators to avoid Internet cloud for maximum speed and security. Similarly an indirect link is used to answer web queries. Therefore it would be difficult to access from it outside the premises. However, its functionality can be checked at and by sending a SMS from any Pakistani mobile phone operator’s SIM even using roaming. SMS based information system is able to handle all request that comes through any mobile device, within Pakistan.

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