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Original title: MGNREGS-AP, Electronic Muster & Measurement System (eMMS)
Producer: Dept of Rural Development, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, India
Country: India
Contact: ,


The Electronic Muster and Measurement System (eMMS) is a technology solution for achieving complete transparency in MGMGNREGS by obtaining LIVE data from the worksite to the website on day to day basis. The eMMS project is developed by the Dept of Rural Development, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, India. The mobile technology is customised and deployed for the MGMGNREGS field functionaries through different mobile applications like e- Muster, e-Measurement, e-muster verification and e-check measurement. Using mobile technology, the eMMS is envisaged to arrest distortions in the MGMGNREGS programme like Muster Fudging; delays in payments; Binami Wageseekers; fake measurements and work duplication. It is presently operational in 21 districts of
Andhra Pradesh. It covers 21 districts with more than 25000 Mobile Phones.

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