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Original title: Behtar Zindagi…. Better Life
Producer: Handygo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Country: India
Contact: ,


Behtar Zindagi is a commendable rural sector scheme launched by Handygo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It is especially designed for the betterment and education of the rural population of India. The scheme is based on interactive voice response (IVR) technology and is available in 29 different languages. This mobile service on regional voice delivers critical information to rural population based on improved package of practices in Agriculture, Free Commodity Prices (Mandi rate), weather forecast, advisory for fishermen & management of Inland fisheries, Information on managing Livestock, Advise on women & child Health, HIV & STDs and towards reducing mortality rate education and rural finance. After a strong research of rural life, taking the opinions from individuals, agencies, NGOs & government bodies ‘Behtar Zindagi ‘has been created to keep rural people update with accurate information.

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