Original title: atom m-Commerce platform
Producer: atom technologies ltd
Country: India
Contact: ,


ATOM (Any Transaction on Mobile) provides a complete suite of payment solution through its m-Commerce platform and i-Commerce platform. ATOM was developed by ATOM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ATOM provides a simple menu driven solution where a customer gets an experience similar to an e-commerce site on his mobile / land line phone. ATOM’s m-Commerce platform helps businesses grow as they get direct opportunity to interact with their customers on 24/7 basis. The atom user experience is easy, fast, and secure. The atom m-commerce platform guides user with a step by step menu driven interface/ voice prompts to complete transaction. User selects the desired service and makes payments within no time from wherever he is. Thus user gets the complete experience of shopping / paying bills at a single access on atom from home, office etc. All the transactions are processed on a real- time. atom m-commerce works on all mobile network operators and supports multiple payment instruments like Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Direct Debit of Bank accounts, Cash Cards etc. atom platform has amongst the highest global standards in transaction and data security, processes, network architecture and software design thereby reinforcing our uncompromising commitment to security for any financial transactions.

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