Original title: Active Deals
Producer: Times Internet Ltd.
Country: India
Contact: ,


Active Deals is first of its kind mobile-coupon based Deals & Discount Service in India, where a customer can request and access this service through his/her mobile phone; It works by generating a discount deal for outlets along with a Unique Coupon Code through which a subscriber can redeem his/her discount. Active Deals Service has been developed by Times Internet Ltd. This Service is accessible through various mediums like IVR, SMS, WAP, and Web. Customers now don’t need to take printouts whatever is cut to avail discount. They can select his/her city & download the discount m coupon directly on their mobile. This service helps retailers to get increased footfalls. Pricing for customers depend on which operator connection they have. As each operator has a different revenue share model with Active Deals. This service is available on subscription charges which is up to `30/30 days. User can also download it by directly entering deal code which is charged at `3 per download. However, through a web download the coupon is absolutely free. Active Deals Service is available Pan India covering all major metropolitan cities and tier I, II, III cities. The main value added of this service is that the user get a discount on deals and thus saves money.

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