Initiative Name: Swachhata Solutions
Organization: Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship And Democracy
App Link:


SwachhataSwachhata Solutions is the official public participation and grievance redressal platform of Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban).

Swachhata app enables citizens to post cleanliness-related issues in their neighbourhoods; these issues are then brought to the notice of the nearby municipal corporation. The posted complaints are geo-coded and sent to their nearby municipal corporation automatically, which then assign them to the staffers responsible for resolution. For engineers as well, this app is a revolution as it makes it handy for them to keep track of the issues in their area as well as geo-locate the issues and reach the affected area easily to resolve them.

The app has a ranking system which has brought about competitiveness among all municipal corporations in providing this basic service to the citizens. This app will be used by all 4041 cities, making it easy for the urban citizens in India in keeping their cities clean and support Swachh Bharat Mission by posting cleanliness-related complaints for municipal corporations to act upon. With its massive outreach, Swachhata Solutions is on its way of becoming the world’s biggest civic tech platform.

Swachhata app currently has more than 1.2 million users from more than 1,000 cities in India; with more than 1 million complaints posted and 90 per cent of them resolved.

Initiative Name:
Organization: Amar MP Social Voluntary
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KNOW YOUR REPRESENTATIVES has started a ground-breaking, social democratic movement by coordinating all the information about Members of Parliament (MP) and the different means of communicating with them.

The project will set up a clear and easy-to-follow mechanism for citizens to actively engage in the democratic processes and hold parliamentarians accountable. This platform promises to bridge the gap between parliamentary representatives and the citizens of Bangladesh by creating a platform for them to connect. It will ensure human rights recognised in the Constitution and laws of conservation and development are upheld by promoting accountability, transparency and responsibility of Members of Parliament by getting messages and feedback from the respective constituents.

The over-arching mission is to make MPs aware of their responsibilities and ensure their accountability to the electorate. The platform also enables citizens to find out about their representative, know more details about them, including their publicly filed statement of wealth. Information on MPs, including biography, wealth disclosure, and activities carried out in constituencies. Further, political history will be collated, verified and published on website.

Citizens also have the option of contacting them via different contact numbers and social media accounts listed on the website. Moreover, if they fail to contact them through these means, they can also post questions to MPs directly through the platform.

Initiative Name: Aaple Sarkar
Organization: Silvertouch Technologies
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Aapel sakarThe main objective of Aaple Sarkar is to transform traditional grievance-related activities from manual to automatic, with the help of information technology and increase transparency between the Government of Maharashtra and its citizens.

This initiative has helped make the grievance redressal process easy and hassle free for citizens, as it provides them with a single window to post grievances related to any government, department or service. Using this platform, citizens of Maharashtra can register the complaint online for any government-related services, and track its progress online. Using this platform, if a citizen is not satisfied with the response, he/she may escalate the grievance with higher authority.

On the other hand, with the help of this initiative, the government has benefited in terms of increased responsiveness, monitoring capabilities, performance measurement and accountability. Government departments can now directly assign the grievances with the help of auto routing of applications. The entire process; right from submitting the complaint/application to its redressal is done online on the same day.

This grievance system is available to citizens online on the Internet as well as through mobile application (iOS, Android and Windows) so that citizens of Maharashtra can easily connect with the government.